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08:00 – 10:00

BIOFOR : Lignin

Session Chair: Michael Paleologou, FPInnovations


 “Repositioning Kraft Mills for High-Value Co-Products”
Dr. Alexander A. Koukoulas, AFRY Management Consulting

09:00 BIOFOR Session – Lignin Products

“Science evidence in lignin value-addition”
Luana Dessbesell, Aalto University
“Self-Polymerization of Softwood Kraft Lignin and its Potential for Wood Adhesive Applications”
Daniel Beaudoin, FPInnovations
“Amallin in PF and Other Applications”
Matyas Kosa, West Fraser

09:30 – 10:00

Networking Break

10:00 – 11:30

Papermaking AI & Process Control

Session Chair: Shaune Hanley, Resolute FP

10:00 “Quality & Cost Optimization with AI-enabled Refiner Operations – an example of a machine learning approach of optimization of the papermaking process”, Ram Santhanam, HABER & Przem Pruszynski, Pruszynki Paper Chemistry
10:30 “Process Evaluation & Optimization using TAPPI Tip 0404-47”, Daniel Boren, Valmet
11:00 “TBA”, Jalal Habibi, FPInnovations


Session Chair: TBA

10:00 “Mission ZERO Journey MPR”, Roger Ashfield, Mercer
10:30 “BioBased and Compostable Bioplastics for Paper Lamination ”, Sajjad Saeidlou, National Research Council Canada
11:00 “Valorization of Hard-to-Recycle Paper Waste”, Minh Tan Ton-That, National Research Council Canada

BIOFOR Session - NRCan sponsored session on Fiber Futures Project

Session Chair: Bruno Gagnon, Natural Resources Canada

Summary of the Fibre Futures Project
Virginie Chambost, Principal Consultant, EnVertis

How is the bioeconomy imperative different across Canada?
Madina Muratova, Process Specialist, EnVertis Consulting and Aalto University

Business and Innovation Ecosystems – Strategies for catalyzing Europe’s bioeconomy
Paul Nemes, Deputy CEO & Process Leader, Paper Province

Game-changer: The Canadian business and innovation ecosystem
Paul Stuart, Principal Consultant, EnVertis Consulting and Polytechnique Montreal

11:30 – 12:30

Networking and Lunch Break

12:30 – 14:30

BIOFOR Workshop - virtual workshop on Decision Support Systems for Forest Bioeconomy

Session Chair: Marzouk Benali, Natural Resources Canada – CanmetENERGY

Speaker:  Cédric Diffo Téguia –  Natural Resources Canada – CanmetENERGY

Decision Support Systems (DSS) play a crucial role in navigating the complex landscape of decision-making within the context of an uncertain business environment, particularly when striving for a low-carbon and sustainable industry. Conflicting pathways and evolving strategies in this dynamic environment can pose significant challenges to project stakeholders, necessitating the adoption of a new paradigm that ensures coherence and flexibility throughout the decision-making chain.

Addressing the complexities of decision-making, bioeconomy stakeholders recognize the need for strategic shifts despite the inherent risks involved. Contrary to being inherently risk-prone, these stakeholders often employ hybrid scenario analysis approaches. These approaches integrate both prospective and ad hoc methods, providing a comprehensive strategy to contend with the uncertainties associated with technical, economic, and policy risks. Moreover, these analyses also consider the social acceptability of bioeconomy projects, recognizing the multidimensional nature of challenges in this domain.

Overall, Decision Support Systems become essential tools in this context, aiding decision-makers in navigating conflicting pathways, assessing risks, and ensuring that the chosen strategies align with the goals of a sustainable industry transformation.

The I-BIOREF decision support tool stands as a cutting-edge system designed for the creation, modeling, and analysis of industrial biorefinery and bioeconomy projects. This state-of-the-art tool guides users through a stepwise process allowing for the comprehensive quantification of technical, economic, environmental, socio-economic, policy and sustainability performances associated with these projects.

Attendees:  Please consult the I-BIOREF installer and example of biorefinery projects file:at this link: ACCESS TO I-BIOREF AND RELATED FILES.

14:00 – 14:30

Networking Break

14:30 – 16:00

TISSUE 101 Refresher Course

Session Chair: Jessica Carette, Cascades, & Martin Desrosiers, Kruger Products

14:30 “Introduction”, Jessica Carette, Cascades
14:50 “Physical Properties”, Daniel Ricard, FPInnovations
15:10 “The Creping Process – An Introduction”,  David Welsford, Solenis
15:30 “Refining and Effects on Fibre Properties”, Eric Mercier, Andritz


Session Chair: Mona Henderson, Valmet

14:30 “DD washers and Compact press optimization”, Alexandre Slusarek, Westrock – Latuque
15:00 “Ep Caustic Control Trial”, Brooke Fraser and Megan Froats, Domtar – Kamloops
15:30 “Overcoming Operational Inefficiencies – Bleaching Optimizer Implementation”, Troy Willis, Valmet

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